Consumers around the World turn to Suit made of Personal Wishes

Natural Chewing Gums Homemade integrated with "Online Sales," is growing rapidly in the international markets.


The demand for variety of new native flavors and the desire to satisfy personal needs with healthy and green products, integrating some functional effects, achieved that the consumer is driving this strong productive activity, replacing traditional chewing gum, manufactured by large companies,

To overcome the challenges presented this activity with the manufacture of homemade alternatives without processing machinery, as well as achieve a quick and efficient incorporation of the new ingredients of form homogeneous in the formulation of the natural chewing gum and also facilitate the process of homemade, without problems, to create new offerings of gums, with quality in the market.



   To achieve this, our company developed a NATURAL CHICLE GUM, for the homemade process, offering production easy routes.


                                  For the quick manufacturing of their own lines,sugars,sugarfree,herbal or functional, natural chewing gums.

Having in this way,the control of the quality,the amount of ingredients in chewing gum,as well as the management the inventory of the finished product.


                                                                     Pre Natural Chewing Gum


Natural Chicle Gum Base,already transformed as a Pre Chewing Gum,fully formulated with 100% natural ingredients,ready to add only flavors or colors, herbal extracts or active functional , which are selected.

For the integration of additional ingredients, it is only necessary to carry out, the mixed heating and continue with the finishing process.

     Two types of formulations
 Natural Sugarfree Pre CHG SF 01
 Natural Sugars       Pre CHG CS 02